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Welcome to Crystalfjord Norwegian Forest Cats!

Tae as a kitten
Click on the 'kittens' button on the navigation bar to the left to see photos of current and previous litters! Don't forget to click on the links and photos to see more photos of each cat.

What's new at Crystalfjord: 

We have kittens available:

See our kittens page.

Feel free to also browse our planned pairings and look at our past litters.

We also have adults available:

Crystalfjord Ben Franklin

Crystalfjord Haakan Bjorklund

Our Amber Cats:

Click below to meet our imports in the new colors Amber and Light Amber (used to be called x-colors):
Dorian vom Trollberg
Eliza Doolittle vom Trollberg

Click here to contact us about purchasing a kitten. Don't forget to check our kittens page for planned parrings, previous litters, and more info on available kittens.

Pairings and due dates have been updated, don't forget to go to the kittens page to see what our plans are and to check back often for changes.


Some useful information about Norwegian Forest Cats, cat associations, breeding cats, and links to other breeders:
TICA NFC Breed Information - breed information and standard as supported by TICA.
CFA NFC Breed Information - NFC breed information and standard as supported by CFA.

TICA Website - The International Cat Association.
CFA Website - Cat Fanciers Association.
FIFe - Fédération Internationale Féline website.

Links to other breeders:

TeamWegie (Virginia, USA)  home of Allegro & Dolce
Rockatts (Colorado, USA)  home of Sahara
Lostwoods (Montana, USA)  home of Firestorm
Kialsemo (Canada)  home of Liberty
Bluedryad (South Korea)  home of Sari
Ouijakatz (Texas, USA)
Russmania (Hong Kong, China)
Astra-Polaris (Ukraine)
Wegiekatt (North Carolina, USA) Tae & Knoppen's birth home
Kitzn (New Jersey, USA)  home of Willow
Nordicsun (California, USA)  home of Milkyway
Trollberg (Germany)  Dorian & Eliza's birth home
av Jostedalsbreen (Germany) D'Artagnan's birth home
Skogeier (Virginia, USA)
Naturskat (New York, USA)
Quinsigamond (Massachusetts, USA)
Dralion (Germany)
Zwyciezca Troli (Poland)

Siberian breeders:
Almaz (Japan)